Wondering, do New Year’s Resolutions really work? This is the month or actually the first couple of weeks, at least in my world that the gym is PACKED, wall-to-wall, with people (which I LOVE to see that so many are EXCITED to get fit) … Yet, give it to the end of January, maybe not even that long, and at the fitness center I train many of my clients, the crowd begins to thin… hmmmm… Why? Many reasons, loss of motivation, loss of direction, stress, etc. etc. I can begin promoting me right now, and what I do as a health and fitness coach, personal guide to helping others towards finding the BEST within themselves, etc. etc. BUT… I’m not here to promote me, I’m writing this for YOU, because from the BEGINNING, all the way through until the END, this story called LIFE, is about YOU and how YOU LEAD YOUR LIFE! Sure, you’ll have teachers, coaches, leaders, friends, family along the way that will support,, guide, lead, teach, coach or possibly, drain, bring you down, stop your momentum, criticize you, get in your way…but, it is UP to YOU to find the STRENGTH, the UMPH, the motivation to absolutely BE YOUR BEST SELF! So, how do you do this, day in and day out? It’s called, checking in with yourself EVERYDAY, and it might take checking in with yourself throughout the day/night… you see, living life at your BEST is full of creating habits, good habits, better habits, GREAT HABITS! And, this takes work EVERYDAY! Remember, nothing is perfect…well, unless you’re Nadia Comaneci or Mary Lou Retton, and even then they have their own stories to tell, just google them! 😉
Here’s a few tips to help you along your journey called L-I-F-E!
1. CHECK IN WITH YOURSELF EVERY MORNING. Take a look at yourself in the mirror, say it outloud or simply internally, “I AM AWESOME!” or if you don’t believe that, then say, “I AM BETTER TODAY!” or how about this, “TODAY, I AM MY BEST SELF!”
(oops! I almost forgot, remember to say your statement to yourself with a SMILE! Here’s something to go with, “So many of my SMILES begin with YOU!”)
2. EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST. Here’s a yummy recipe for you to give a try: Breakfast Meatballs: Ground Turkey or Chicken + shredded veggies (zucchini, carrot, red peppers and onion), quick oats, egg whites and a little sea salt/pepper made into balls and cooked in muffin trays in advance. I suggest adding in some fresh garlic! Heat them up in the morning, and you’re READY to GO!
3. LUNCH that EXCITES YOU! Always include a protein, good fat and complex carb. How about a Stone Ground Whole Wheat Wrap with Turkey or Chicken, lots of yummy veggies to include fresh avocado.
4. SNACKS. Between breakfast and lunch as every 2-3 hours your body is in need of some fuel to keep it running at its BEST! Healthy nuts, sunflower seeds, almonds…apple, berries (handful of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries)
5. DINNER is CALLING YOUR NAME! Only you’ve been working all day, you’re tired and probably don’t feel like cooking. A couple of ideas. Pre-plan your meals on Sunday so that you are well prepared ahead of time and know exactly what’s coming at you. Pre-Prep your meals ahead of time. If you have more than one family member in your household, take turns on whose turn it is for preparing dinner that night this way it’s not always “your” responsibility to plan, prep and serve dinner every night…it’s hard to be a SUPER HERO/SHERO every second! 😉
Another idea, is pick the healthiest restaurants in town, quick pick-ups on your way home, call for a take out, grab and go, and take home for dinner.
6. WATER…I don’t care what you read or what someone else might say, WATER is so IMPORTANT for you and your body! Take a plant for example, what does a plant look like if doesn’t get enough water? Helloooo?! Enough said! Your body needs water. Here’s the formula. Take your current body weight, divide that number by 2 and that will equal how many ounces your body is asking for in ounces per day throughout the day, making sure that you spread out the amount of water you drink throughout the day.
7. JUST GET FIT! EXERCISE! MOVE! anywhere, anytime, any chance that you have, walk, climb, get up and GO! Stairs instead of elevator. Park at the back of the parking lot. When you go grocery shopping, take the grocery cart back to the front of the store instead of either leaving by your car or in the parking lot (REMEMBER this one, ’cause I WILL BE WATCHING YOU!)…
Simply put, be more ACTIVE throughout your day!
8. Okay, now I’ll put in a little promo about “me” or health and fitness professionals that do what WE do. If 1-7 is tough for you to get started or to stick with or maybe even just the fact that you’re not sure which way is UP or what is the right health and fitness/nutritional plan for you, PLEASE seek out a QUALIFIED Health and Fitness Consultant more than that a Coach, someone that will PUSH YOU to BE YOUR BEST SELF! And, I “emphasize” QUALIFIED and COACH with UMPH because seriously, that’s what it takes to pull out the BEST in someone. And, one coach might not be the best for you, personalities have to work for each other, find that “1” that works BEST for you, and then GO BABY GO!
9. EXTRA SUPPORT better believe you me, it helps! Here’s some ideas. Workouts like boot camps, group ex classes at the gym, community running/cycling/swimming clubs, workout with a friend or family member… For extra nutritional support, try a healthy meal service. I do suggest doing your homework on this, ask for references as these services do have their pros and cons.
10. BELIEVE that YOU have the STRENGTH and POWER in YOU to CREATE Healthy Habits so that you will feel better, be better…Life is not about being perfect, just show up and BE YOU, your BEST YOU, and you know what, inside and out, you’re going to feel GREAT! #believe #faith #trust #2016 #liveyourlife #beyourBESTyou #beyourBESTathlete #justgetfit // @justgetfitonline.com


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